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Our Mission
Our mission is simple--to work cooperatively with a variety of partners to make new and existing buildings as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. We firmly believe that we have a variety of national and global environmental problems that need to be addressed. Making buildings energy-efficient is one way to help solve those problems. We specialize in residential projects, but we expect to expand our expertise to commercial and mixed use projects in the future.

Homeowners - We can do an analysis of your home, using proven building science methods, to identify ways you can decrease your energy and water use, increase your thermal comfort, or improve your indoor air quality. Typical problems include excessive utility bills and extreme indoor temperatures. As long-time owner builders, we are also happy to work with do-it-yourselfers on major and minor green remodeling projects.

Builders, Developers, and Architects - We can work with you to identify ways to make your projects more energy efficient, use fewer resources, and lessen your building's impact on the earth. We can provide Title 24 services, design consulting, project ratings, LEED consulting, HERS and Energy Star inspections, and rebate assistance, all from one source.

Take a look at our Services page for an idea of how we can assist you.

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